Show Creative

So Blue debuted in Dusseldorf in late 2012 the made it’s way over to the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts stage. The show, named after what Louise Lecavalier believes is the colour of the soul, marked her emergence as a choreographer. In her own words, she describes the 60-minute performance, “I wanted to allow the body to say everything it wants to say without censoring it, so that out of this profusion of spontaneous movements, something true and beyond our control emerges.”

She has been lauded as “Canada’s foremost female contemporary dancer” (Montreal Gazette) and in So Blue, she exudes raw energy and a powerful presence. I was tasked with developing creative for the show that would reflect the sensual physicality of the choreography and the impressive dancing skill. I showed several shots of Lecavalier in the motion of her performance, flowing through tendrils of smoke to express the fluidity and almost otherworldly quality of her movements.

  • Graphic Design
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Collateral