Miscellaneous Identity

1) Crosswalk is an arts festival that was part of Canada’s Walk of Fame Festival in Toronto. It encompassed all areas of the arts, from literature to photography, with events such as live readings in various locations downtown that were close enough to walk to. The gritty texture, perspective, and 3 lines that replace the “W” were to express the focus on how the festival transformed Toronto into a hub of creative events during the time of the festival.

2) Social Eatiquetteis a blog that covers a holistic perspective of the culture of eating. It breaks from the traditional idea of a “food blog” by posting about other areas of the eating experience such as the atmosphere, clientele, etc…of an establishment, giving readers more tailored information about what makes the place unique, beyond just the food. Is the restaurant loud? Is it good to go on a first date? With my parents? Is it a good place to linger over post-meal drinks?

3) This logo was developed for Canadian Music Week. The flow of the letters express the dynamic energy of the festival while keeping in mind the various collateral it would be incorporated into.

4) Virtue + Armour is a line of body armour designed for individuals with a defined sense of self and style and know how to stand out from a crowd. The logo was created to be minimal, clean and strong to convey the high quality production of the body chains. The V + A are mirrored, creating rhythm and creating emphasis as do the little triangles, creating the illusion of the finished letters. They symbolize the links that connect the chain.

5) Another concept for Virtue + Armour but going for a softer, more traditional look, still incorporating the idea of links. The ampersand connects the words together the same way individual chain links are used to complete the body armour.

6) An Israeli Love Story was a show that was part of The Harold Green Jewish Theatre. It is a play that was translated from a Hebrew love story set in pre-state Israel.

7) This was a concert for April 30th Entertainment identity rebrand. The rectangular shapes allowed a lot of versatility to incorporate each new season’s show creative. This brought focus to the unique stories that the performances told.

8) I currently work for Cosmic Design and as a team, we decided to collaborate on a complete rebrand to better represent the studio. Our main message was that we “worked together as a harmonious whole”, and that the creative process is all about ordered chaos; applying strategic thought to chaotic creativity. This logo was an option that expressed that concept. I imagined it as an animated logo where the splatters moved within the structured font and this was the still shot of it in motion.

9) Filmgraphs is a site that critically analyzes commercial films.

  • Art Direction
  • Strategy
  • Graphic Design