When you have a creative job and the line between work and play is blurry, you forget to just have fun and experiment; that you do what you do because you love it. Illustration is a reminder for me.

Illustration is my place to play because there is no pressure. There is no objective other than just to have fun with it! Doing things on the computer all day allows you to undo a mistake with quick tap of command + z. Practicing illustration reminds me that imperfection can be beautiful and is necessary to creative development.

My pieces start with an abstract idea that I can’t get out of my head under I put it to paper. I gravitate towards drawing sombre-faced, full-lipped chicks with intensely detailed hair with some whimsy mixed in. The illustrations manifested as cards because I hate paying $5 for a card from the store that I hate. This way, at least it has a more personal touch.

  • Media: Ink + Watercolour on Archival paper