Festival and Emerging Artists Creative

Since becoming the account director and creative lead for Canada’s Walk of Fame, I annually experience strong patriotic feelings. It is a non-profit, registered charity that celebrates Canadian excellence and supports emerging talent. Definitely a worthy cause!

Canada’s Walk of Fame required fresh and energetic creative to display a distinction between the ceremony that honoured that year’s inductees and the music festival. Later on, the style was applied to the creative for the Emerging Artists Music Mentoriship Program. The program awards a prize to a talented young Canadian, excelling in music.

The Canadian artists are depicted as a fractal that comes together to form the iconic maple leaf. This creative expresses all of the talented individuals that represent Canada and how the organization highlights their accomplishments with their annual event.

  • Brett Baker, Cosmic Design
    (Festival Identity Lock-up)
  • Art Direction
  • Copy Writing (subhead)
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotional Collateral