Branding + Social Media Campaign

A pair of Toronto-based chefs wanted to hold an intimate, monthly pop-up dinner in their loft apartment, serving experimental dishes that centred around an chosen ingredient.

  • Branding
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • UX/UI

The Branding
The branding focuses on the personal and comfortable feeling of the occasion by featuring their cat (Mao) in the style of revolution propaganda posters to reflect the experimental, avant-garde approach to the dishes to be served. Gritty textures and an almost cut-out, stencil effect was applied to express the more casual, homemade aspect of the dinner versus a slick meal coming from an unseen kitchen.

The Strategy
The chefs’ main priorities for the dinner were to a) experiment with the types of dishes they produced from the comfort of their own home with access to immediate feedback and b) share their enthusiasm with others who were equally passionate about eating and food. Guerrilla marketing tactics were employed to reach their specific target demographic of people already in-the-know on the Toronto food scene.

A series of stickers that hinted at the next meal’s focus were developed and placed around the city. To a person unawares of the dinner it would just look like regular graffiti but the clientele APT303 Dinners was trying to attract would take note and it would make them feel special, lending an exclusive feel to the event and cultivating conversational capital .

In order to be entered into the draw to get a coveted seat at the dinner, people would have to use the app to find where the stickers were located, take a photo, and then post it to Instagram with the relevant hashtags (#APT303dinners) and geotag it.