24 May 2017

I have now reached the level of traveller that packing for trips has become a breeze. My strategy is to imagine all the various situations I'll be in – salsa dancing, fancy restaurants, horseback riding, biking through tobacco fields (more like crashing through...) – and pack accordingly. Here's some inspiration to get you started packing your suitcase for adventures in Cuba:

Perfect for…downing daiquiris and mouth-watering seafood at fancy paladars (privately-owned restaurants). This Wylder Flawless dress was my absolutely FAVOURITE outfit for the entire trip and I wore it to one of the best meals I had the entire trip at La Cocina de Lilliam in Vedado.

Perfect for…frolicking on the white, sandy beaches of Playa del Este, a half an hour ride away from Havana. I got mine during a heinous bout of altitude sickness in Peru but you can find them all over Old Havana for about 5 CUC.

Perfect for…salsa dancing the night away at Club 1830 by the water in the Vedado neighbourhood of Havana. They’re light which is good to beat the heat, shorts means only your dance moves will be on display (if you catch my drift), and the palm print fits in with the tropical location!

Perfect for…literally everything! A lot of the washrooms in Old Havana didn’t have a seat (!!!) let alone toilet paper so bringing your own tissue is ESSENTIAL! Also stock up on wet wipes to clean your mojito-sticky hands. Never stepped out without a package or two on hand.

Perfect for…wandering Habana Vieja for fresh tamales and medianoche sandwiches the size of your HEAD being sold for 1 CUC out of someone’s living room. I love how light and breathable they are while still being stylish, especially this classic striped pair from Soludos.

Perfect for…a boost of energy for your phone so you can take ALL THE PICTURES. Often I’d be out all day so luckily I had my POM GEAR Power2Go Matrix Rechargeable Battery to extend my battery life because everyone needs another photo of a sunset, right?

Perfect for…perusing San Rafael Mercado for fresh mangos, guavas, and plantains. How cute is this sequinned pineapple purse from Zara?! Is it practical to pack in my carry-on luggage? Not so much but I couldn’t resist!

Perfect for…not getting lost. I have the worst sense of direction that I usually use Google Maps to get across the street. However, without data and limited wifi, it was essential for me to download the MAPS.ME app where I could save a map of Cuba that I could access offline.

Perfect for…a ride down the Malecon in a vintage car with the top down. Dry eyes and bugs in your lashes is not exactly the height of sophistication but these elegant Celine tortoise shell sunglasses are! Don’t let the bright sun’s glare get in the way of the gorgeous view.

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