Thinker. Creator. Copious Note-Taker.

Teri Yeung is a creative swashbuckler who believes in blurring the lines between work and play. She can be found enthusiastically devouring entire menus at restaurants in Downtown Toronto, boxing her way into zen-like peace, and celebrating the small victories in life. She then takes all those experiences and creates things.

This is where the creative soul and organized, recovering-perfectionist tendencies co-exist in harmony (albeit begrudgingly). Here. In me. What I mean to say is that I am a tenaciously curious Art Director and Designer with distinctly conflicting traits that are both essential for me to bring ideas into a reality.

Started at show-and-tell, now I’m here.

My origin story of how I became a creative professional is no different than any other designer/illustrator/hobbit who discovered they had been designing/illustrating/eating-7-meals-a-day all along. It all began in kindergarten with an intense love of show-and-tell. I was never at a loss for a story I thought should be told. After believing I had mastered speech (as much as any 5-year old can) I moved on to forming letters, grasping a crayon with my tiny fist and authoring wild tales about reindeer who devoured plates of pasta. Art was my next victim. I’d draw newsletters and write stories of the adventures my Barbies would get into. I’d illustrate a menu featuring Archie Comic characters (Jug-a-Lug Milkshake anyone?). I couldn’t be stopped (unfortunately)! I was hooked on the act of creating as a means of communication. Creativity allowed me to develop narratives that could be shared with others in a tangible way. From then on, it was my mission to experiment with as many mediums as possible. More mediums meant more ways to share what excited me, in the hopes that it would inspire others in the same way, whether through designing for print and digital, illustrating, blogging or just through good ol’fashioned conversation.

Creativity allowed me to develop narratives that could be shared with others.
Everyone likes a good story (emphasis on “good”).

I believe that in order to tell a good story and therefore create anything worthwhile, you must have something to say. This requires two things:

1) That you have done something worth saying and 2) That you know how to say it.

Creating gives me a voice that can be heard, but what’s an instrument without notes to play? People often tell me to slow down; to not push myself so hard; to not feel guilty for sitting still long enough to watch an episode of Grey’s Anatomy (or 12). But don’t mistake my breakneck speed for failure to appreciate the moment. I hustle because I want to see everything, eat it all, and live as much life that I am blessed to live. This affords me plenty to say. Diverse experiences produce more innovative solutions because, as Steve Jobs said “Creativity is just connecting things.” The more dots you have, the more connections you can make.

You look like you’ve seen/done things.

You have a story worth telling; a bit of genius that is unique only to you, but do you know how to tell it? This is where I come in. Whether you’re opening a restaurant to share your love of Northern Italian food, or you’re taking the plunge and launching your own fashion line, your brand (a.k.a. your story) is how the world understands who you are. There is more to a brand than a logo just like there is more to a person than just their face. It is a vision communicated through well-crafted creative and design, compelling copy, then strategically executed. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an expertly cultivated brand tells the whole story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an expertly cultivated brand tells the whole story.

How may I help you?

My multidisciplinary skill set allows me to clarify your story; to paint the “big picture”. Keeping your message consistent across platforms will ensure that your brand will be the most effective in influencing the rest of the world. Let’s work together in a partnership to collaboratively create something amazing! I can help you launch your brand through:

  • Art Direction
  • Print + Digital Design
  • Logo + identity systems
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Strategy
  • Brand Development
  • Account Management
  • Post-process + Retouching
  • Consultation
  • Production
  • Content Production
let’s get personal.

I’ve been told that when I laugh, I sound like a maniacal baby. My hands have been described as “carny hands” (see One Tiny Hand). In Thailand I was mistaken as Thai, Spanish in Spain, and Persian, Polynesian, French, etc… in Toronto (We’re a diverse city, eh?). Evidently I like to travel and I’m ethnically ambiguous (Check out my adventures on Instagram!). Being as food obsessed as I am, my friends utilize me as a human Yelp! (a restaurant/bar for every occasion!). This also means I have an uncontrollable urge to take pictures of my food before I eat it. Don’t judge. I am convinced that I can’t own a pet because I’m anxious enough about the well-being of my terrariums. I believe red lipstick and boxing should be an accepted form of therapy.


2017 Applied Arts - Design Awards - Poster Series
2017 Muse Creative Awards - Gold Winner - Social Media/Blog
2018 HOW Design - International Design Awards - Poster Catagory
2018 Applied Arts - Design Awards - Entire Design Program


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Ready to see what I can do? Go check out some of the creative projects I’ve worked on. More questions? You’re insatiable. Send me a message through my contact page or check out my FAQ section below.


What is a “creative swashbuckler”?
It is an explorer of creativity! I earned a degree in Graphic Design but I consider myself to be a holistic creative which means that I explore multiple avenues of creative expression in addition to design, like photography, illustration, writing, etc…I’ll usually incorporate my own photography into my design work to create work that is more original as opposed to using stock images. Sometimes switching my perspective from the computer to a paintbrush helps break down a wall in my mind about other creative work I’m doing. Check out some of my illustration pieces!
Why do you do so many different things?
I really only do one thing: communicate! I love being able to make my ideas and experiences tangible to share with others. Choosing the right medium to use for a project is like using the most accurate word to describe something concisely.
Who took the pictures on the site?
Unless stated otherwise, I took all the photography, including the ones of myself that I credit to a tripod, timer, and panicked sprinting. Check out some examples of my photography work.
What kind of cameras do you use?
I use a 35mm SLR Nikon FM, a Nikon D70s (f/1.8-22, f/17-35) DSLR, and a mirrorless Olympus OM-D E-M10. Other equipment includes a tripod and good ol’ fashioned natural light. Occasionally aluminum foil stretched over cardboard because I’m fancy like that.
Where do you find inspiration?
Work done by creatives I admire in all fields (fashion, photography, design, illustration, etc…) online and in Toronto’s vibrant downtown art/entertainment scene. From pushing myself to do new thing; things that scare me. From living and travelling. Meeting and talking to new people about what they love to do. I also get a lot of inspiration from ideas from thought leaders like Brené Brown, Marie Forleo, and Sheryl Sandberg who turn my brain upside down and make me think of things from a different perspective.
What is important when developing a strong brand or design?
I believe that what is essential to developing a strong brand, is consistency. You have to have a clear understanding of what you have to offer to the world that is unique. Once you have a clear message, you have to ensure that every facet of your brand is consistent with that message. A brand is not just a logo and design; that’s the face of your brand, but it’s also the “face” working with the “voice” (copy), graphic choice, style, marketing strategy, etc…
I want to work with you! How do we get started?
Start by filling out the contact form on the Contact page, detailing the project (get as specific as possible!) or shoot me an e-mail at I will get back to you within the week. Looking forward to it!
Do you collaborate with other creatives?
Yes! I’m always open to collaborations. It’s very motivating to work with other creatives who are passionate about they do. I like being able to talk to people about their process and why they love what they do and seeing what we both bring to the table for a project that we couldn’t do by ourselves.
Where are you working right now?
Currently, I’m employed full-time at Cosmic Design in Downtown Toronto as an Account Director and Senior Creative. My unofficial titles include (but are not limited to) Office Mama, Twitter ninja, occasional copywriter and Head of the Social Committee.
How can you be both an Account Director and Graphic Designer at the same time?
I handle several accounts at work. I communicate directly with the clients about ongoing projects and objectives then work as the lead designer for these projects. I delegate the overflow of projects to my team, communicate the objectives and ensure quality and consistency of the brand. Working directly with clients instead of going through a middleman (a different account person) guarantees that everyone involved is on the same page and makes the design process more streamlined.